New Moon Rising – Reclaiming the Sacred Rites of Menstruation – Linda Heron-Wind

New Moon Rising – Reclaiming the Sacred Rites of Menstruation - Linda Heron-WindClick Image To Visit SiteFollow the story of Dawn, a girl of the future, as her Grandmother prepares her for her first moontime and becoming a woman. Practical advice on reclaiming the experience of being a powerful woman in your life is given along with research and writings from a variety of sources.

From an Amazon review: “ As a human female who dedicates time and energy to help cultivate healthy moon cycles in herself and others – this book is a gem. I love the way Linda Heron Wind weaves narrative with straight forward advice.”
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Programs – Baby Bump Fitness

Programs - Baby Bump FitnessClick Image To Visit SiteBaby Bump Fitness Programs are complete and comprehensive training programs tailored to fit the needs of moms and moms-to-be throughout their pregnancy.

A comprehensive strength training program with seven different 10â15 minute routines that are trimester specific. Each routine includes foam rolling, warm up, strength routine focusing on balance/posture/function and core, cool down/pelvic floor and static stretches.
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‘Perimenopause: Have It, Live It, Love It!’ – Get Your Copy Now!

'Perimenopause: Have It, Live It, Love It!' - Get Your Copy Now!Click Image To Visit SiteDiscover How You Can Use Natural and Alternative Remedies to Overcome Your Peri Menopause Symptoms.

Hi! I am Pam Andrews, 52 years old, a perimenopause survivor. I had been in perimenopause for about 8 to 11 years (depending on when you start counting) before I officially “graduated” from it. During that time, I was able to carry on raising my 2 kids, keep my job as a magazine writer, and enjoy scuba diving. But it wasn’t always that easy for me.
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Online Childbirth Classes – Take Birthologie Classes From Anywhere –

Online Childbirth Classes - Take Birthologie Classes From Anywhere - Birthologie.comClick Image To Visit SiteYou’ve probably heard friends talk about wonderful labor and delivery experiences, and then you’ve likely heard the nightmare, horror stories too.

Do you know what the single most important factor is in determining what kind of experience YOU are going to have?
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Women’s Arm Secrets

Women’s Arm SecretsClick Image To Visit SiteMy name is Melissa Wall and I am a women’s arm training fitness expert, more importantly I’m a woman who struggled with my weight for what seems like forever, who at one time, had arms so flabby that guys would mock her by calling her “lunch lady” and who got herself out of a dark personal place to transform her body and get enough confidence to get on stage at a bodybuilding contest and win the “best arm” award.

It wasn’t too long ago that I was searching online for reasons why, no matter what I ate or didn’t eat or how many hours that I spent in the gym,I couldn’t lose weight and my arms were still flabby and not toned and tight.
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MuTu System 12 Week Program – ClickBank

MuTu System 12 Week Program - ClickBankClick Image To Visit SiteThe innocent words of a child or an insensitive ‘when is it due?’ from a stranger are some of the joys of being a Mom we could do without!

Losing baby weight is one thing, but how about that post baby belly that just won’t go, however hard you work out? Is a Mommy Tummy or a less-than perfectly functioning pelvic floor really ‘as good as it gets’ once you’re a Mom?
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Candida30 – Permanently Heal Your Candida Infection in 30 Days or Less!

Candida30 - Permanently Heal Your Candida Infection in 30 Days or Less!Click Image To Visit SiteThere are thousands of women in the same boat as you, suffering from candida (also called yeast infection, fungal infection, or thrush) and struggling with itching, discharge, odors, bloating, severe cramps, depression attacks, toenail fungus, anal itch, and several other symptoms. Sadly, many women were born with it, since it’s an infection that is passed along to the baby during pregnancy. It usually becomes extremely acute from the time when a woman ovulates until her period starts, and when she’s pregnant. Candida, bacterial vaginosis, and most other vaginal infections and syndromes all have the same root causes, and once you work on addressing these core issues, you will start to heal and all your symptoms will subside. Most women keep struggling with candida because of the lack of information and the amount of bad information available out there, and most doctors are completely clueless about what candida is and are unsympathetic to the pains of their patients.

My candida infection was humiliating me, ruining my sexual relationship with my boyfriend, making me feel disgusting and embarrassed, and lowering my self-esteem. I had to uncontrollably itch all the time. Sometimes I would wake up and find my underwear covered in discharge or find that I have unknowingly taken it off to itch. I was so grossed out everyday. When my boyfriend & I would start making love, I couldn’t be in the moment with him because I would always start thinking about how I smelled down there and if I would look or smell disgusting to him, and if i’m going to look unusual to him because it that area was so red from the constant itching. Sometimes I would stop & cry in the middle of it because I just felt that it was so unfair. I… Read more…

Trim Pregnancy – The Best Kept Secret by Celebrity Mums Revealed!

Trim Pregnancy - The Best Kept Secret by Celebrity Mums Revealed!Click Image To Visit SiteIf your answer is YES to any of the above, I know exactly how you feel as I have experienced weight gain problems first hand after the birth of my first child and had extreme difficulties coping with it and coming to terms with the weight gained after delivery.

Find out about my carefully researched SPECIAL technique used successfully on all my pregnant patients and also myself, which teaches you how to:
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Marketing For Figure Coaches – Home

Marketing For Figure Coaches - HomeClick Image To Visit Site3 Complete Programs Designed to make you a professional figure coach (you will receive weekly lessons for 12 weeks)

The combined programs above contain all the tools you need to become a professional figure coach. In order to make money as a trainer you need to find a niche (specialized field of concentration). You won’t make any money being a jack of all trades. You need a specific group of highly motivated individuals to train. THERE IS NO MORE MOTIVATED GROUP THAN FIGURE COMPETITORS! Let’s face it… the average personal trainer whose running around the gym trying to train every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes into the gym will never make it as a trainer. He/she will eventually get tired of chasing clients and the low income … and eventually quit. Gyms are like revolving doors for trainers. You need a plan, you need to be serious and treat your job with respect.
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